Environmental Policy

We recognise that our activities have the potential to have an adverse impact on the environment and society as a whole. We take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously and are committed to the protection of the environment including prevention of pollution and taking actions to mitigate against any negative impacts of our operations.

We aim to achieve this through:

Measuring our carbon footprint and taking actions to offset this through national established programmes
Re-using and Recycling of waste materials where possible
Disposing of waste in accordance with legislation
Planning our operations to identify opportunities to minimise emissions to the atmosphere and noise; especially planning deliveries to site and to continually improve our environmental performance

We are committed to the task of developing, implementing and maintaining an effective management system with the following overarching aims:

Ensuring we meet our legal obligations, as a minimum
Understanding the significant environmental impacts we create
Ensuring social responsibility is built into our management arrangements so that all staff, contractors and suppliers understand our commitment and how it affects them
Undertaking an annual review of our energy use and seeking to reduce it each year
Adopting the principles of Replace, Re-use and Recycle for all waste products
Requiring suppliers to demonstrate similar levels of commitment to the environment

We set improvement objectives annually, based on the findings if the analysis of our business context and our annual management review. We will regularly review this policy and our environmental performance to ensure we maintain good practice and adopt new initiatives as appropriate. We will communicate this policy and our requirements to all managers and employees and ensure they are provided with skills and support to effectively achieve our objectives.